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Price List


(Fee will be applied to services provided, 48 hour Cancellation Policy , If not contacted within 48 hours of scheduled appointment, subject to a $100.00 Cancellation Fee)


(Reduce Wrinkles and Lines on Face)


(For Facial Volume loss; chin, cheekbones augmentation)


Disport $4/unit

Xeomin Injections


(For Facial Volume loss; chin, cheekbones augmentation)


FotoFacial Face

$690/3 monthly treatments
$1200/6 monthly treatments   

FotoFacial Face and Chest


Sclerotherapy 3 cc


Sclerotherapy 6 cc


Carboxytherapy For Eye Dark Circles

$500/pckg of 6 weekly
$725/pckg of 10 weekly

Carboxytherapy For Stretch Marks on Abdomen or Thighs


$1350/package of 6 

$2,125/package of 10

Laser Hair Removal
(Reduce Hair Growth up to 70-80%) 

Upper Lip (10% off packages):
$240/pckg of 6 

Upper lip and chin:
$430/pckg of 6

Regular Bikini:
$595/pckg of 6 

Playboy Bikini:
$945/pckg of 6 

Lower Legs:
$1,755/pckg of 6

$1080/pckg of 6 

Under Arms:
$330/pckg of 6 monthly

Lower Arms:
$900/pckg of 6 monthly

Lower Face:

$1890/pckg of 6 

PDO Thread Lift

$150/thread COG

PRP Female Shot


Juvederm Ultra                                   
Juvederm Ultra Plus
(Improve undereye circles, depressions, Naso-labial folds, enhance volume of the lips

$300 (0.5ml)
$325 (0.5ml)

(For Facial Volume loss, Indented Temples, Lax Skin, Labia Majora Rejuvenation, Labial Puff)

$5,980/  8 Viles  (15% off)

Vampire Facial (4 cc) with Microneedling 
(Platelets Rich Plasma for acne scars, wrinkles, Collagen)


Dermapen Microneedling
(For Collagen Induction, Improvement of Wrinkles, Acne Scars)


PRP (4 cc) for Hair Loss
(Platelets Rich Plasma for Scalp Hair Thinning, Alopecia)


PRP injections (one tube- 4 cc of plasma) Face or Neck
PRP injections (two tubes- 8 cc of plasma) Face or Neck


Chemical Peels                                           

$75 (Acne Peel)

$130 (TCA 35% Peel)

$175 (Lightening Peel)

HYPERHIDROSIS Botox Treatment (Botox 100 u)        
(for underarms or palms)


Vitamin B12 injection
(Improve Energy, Stamina, Immunity, Enhance Fat Loss)


Vitamin B12 and B6 Combo

$140/pckg of 5

Ultimate Eye Corrector Peel 

$425/pckg of 5 weekly peels

Vitamin Complex Meso For Face or Neck

$850/package of 4

Skin Firming and Restructuring Meso For Face

$800/package of 6

Localized Fat Disolving with PPC injections For Body

$950/pckg of 4 monthly

Red Carpet Ready - Caviar Detox For Face with Mild Microneedling

$225/ treatment


Fat dissolving injections for double chin, 2 to 4 vials are usually used depending on the localized fat distribution. Minimum 2 treatments recommended, up to 4 to 6 treatments for optimal results. Kybella injections are performed every 6 weeks. 

$500 per vial

Skintag/Wart Remover

Starting $100

Kenalog Steroid Injection

(acne cyst shot)


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