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Cold Shoulder - Theo Wayland

Our Los Angeles Skin Care Specialists Recommend Lifeline Skincare

From Beauty Religion's non-surgical techniques to the advanced products our Los Angeles skin care specialists use, we know best when it comes to skin rejuvenation. That’s why we use and recommend Lifeline Skincare. Lifeline Skincare specializes in stem cell beauty products that simulate your body’s collagen production.

Lifeline merges the latest discoveries in stem-cell biology with the skin cream industry to develop high quality anti-aging products. These products have a lightweight formula that revitalizes your skin and protects it from daily stressors. Lifeline’s formula uses human stem-cell growth factors, which come from unfertilized eggs rather than fertilized embryos.

 By using the power of DNA, Lifeline’s products repair your enzymes with bioactive growth factors to target and reverse cell dysfunction. Essentially, this process has your stem cells deliver a message to your skin to regenerate itself.

Try Stem Cell Beauty Products from our Beauty Spa

The skin care specialists at our beauty spa always use the most up-to-date practices in the beauty industry. Stem cell beauty is a trend on the rise, and we’re already on it. Our products keep your skin looking bright, firm, and beautiful. 

We sell a variety of products from Lifeline Skincare, including but not limited to moisturizers, eye creams, cleansers, serums, and toners. Every purchase of a Lifeline Skincare product directly contributes to ongoing tissue engineering research that ensures each product is as technology advanced as possible. Visit our spa or our online store to pick up one of these game-changing products today. 

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